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2016/12/06: Umbrello 2.21 releases available

Umbrello 2.21 releases are available as part of the KDE Applications 16.12 releases. See Umbrello 2.21 Changelog for a detailed change list.

Binary packages are available from related Linux distributions and for 32bit and 64 bit Windows from the KDE download mirror network.

2016/08/14: Umbrello 2.20 releases available

Umbrello 2.20 releases are available as part of the KDE Applications 16.08 releases. See Umbrello 2.20 Changelog for a detailed change list.

Binary packages are available from related Linux distributions and for 32bit and 64 bit Windows from the KDE download mirror network.

2016/04/20: Umbrello 2.19 releases available

Umbrello 2.19 releases are available as part of the KDE Applications 16.04 releases. See Umbrello 2.19 Changelog for a detailed change list.

2015/12/09: Umbrello 2.18 releases available

Umbrello 2.18 releases are available as part of the KDE Applications 15.12 releases. See Umbrello 2.18 Changelog for a detailed change list.

2015/08/25: Windows binary packages starting with umbrello version 2.17.0 available

Starting with umbrello version 2.17.0 binary packages of umbrello for 32bit and 64 bit Windows are available and could be downloaded from the KDE download mirror network.

The binaries has been build on the OpenSUSE build service using GNU cross compilers. Many thanks to Ralf Habacker, who organized the build system and provided the binary packages.

2015/08/12: Umbrello 2.17 releases available

Umbrello 2.17 releases are available as part of the KDE Applications 15.08 releases. See Umbrello 2.17 Changelog for a detailed change list.

2015/07/20: MySQL and PostgreSQL schema import

Umbrello supports MySQL and PostgreSQL export since a long time. With the upcoming umbrello 2.17 release (KDE Applications 15.08) umbrello also gets support for importing MySQL and PostgreSQL schema, which enables round trip engineering. Many thanks to Ralf Habacker, who added this feature.

2015/06/08: Frameworks branch merged into master

In the last weeks the port to KDE frameworks 5 has been merged back into the master branch. Many thanks to Andi Fischer, who ported umbrello to KF5 and Ralf Habacker, who merged back the changes into the master branch.

The merge back has been designed to support KDE4 and KF5 builds from the same source. To create a KF5/Qt5 based build -DBUILD_KF5=1 has to be added to the cmake command line.

2015/04/07: Umbrello 2.16 releases available

Umbrello 2.16 releases are available as part of the KDE Applications 15.04 releases. See Umbrello 2.16 Changelog for a detailed change list.

2014/12/10: Umbrello 2.15 releases available

Umbrello 2.15 releases are available as part of the KDE Applications 14.12 releases. See Umbrello 2.15 Changelog for a detailed change list.

2014/11/02: Binary packages of KDE frameworks 5 port for opensuse available

Today Wolfgang Bauer started to build umbrello binary packages from the umbrello frameworks git branch for opensuse, which makes it possible to follow the porting process very easy.

Bug reports and/or patches are wery welcome and should be reported through the KDE bug tracker.

2014/10/25: Coverity source code analysis

Umbrello has been registered as coverity project, which helps to increase the code quality.

High impact issues from the source code scan has been already fixed by Oliver Kellog, for the remaining detects volunteers are welcome. If you want to help to improve the code quality of umbrello, please contact Oliver.

2014/10/09: Port to KDE frameworks 5 started

Today Andi Fisher started the port of umbrello to KDE frameworks 5. He expects to be ready in January 2015.

2014/08/20: Improvements to Rational Rose model import

Oliver Kellog improved loading of Rational Rose models:

  • Support for importing controlled units
  • Support for importing class diagrams
  • Support for additional encodings:
    • Mac
    • ShiftJIS (Japanese)
    • Hangul (Korean)
    • Johab (Korean)
    • GB2312 (Chinese)
    • ChineseBig5
    • Greek
    • Turkish
    • Vietnamese
    • Hebrew
    • Arabic
    • Baltic
    • Russian
    • Thai
    • EastEurope
    • OEM (extended ASCII)
Many thanks for this contribution.

2014/08/03: Umbrello 2.14 releases available

Umbrello 2.14 releases are available as part of the KDE Applications 4.14 releases. See Umbrello 2.14 Changelog for a detailed change list.

2014/05/24: Support for zipped XML project file import (*.zargo extension)

Umbrello now supports importing the UML model from a zipped XML project file using the *.zargo file extension, which is used for example by ArgoUML and Poseidon for UML.

A zipped XML project file contains an UML model (in XMI format), diagrams and project informations.

2014/05/14: Recent OpenHub Statistics

Over the past twelve months, 18 developers contributed to Umbrello UML Modeller. This project has a relatively large team, in the top 10% of all project teams on OpenHub. For this measurement, OpenHub considers only recent changes to the code. Over the entire history of the project, 115 developers have contributed. See the full story here.

2014/03/30: Umbrello 2.13 releases available

Umbrello 2.13 releases are available as part of the KDE Applications 4.13 releases. See Umbrello 4.13 Changelog for a detailed change list.

2014/01/05: Sequence diagram enhancements

Ralf Habacker committed today enhancements for editing sequence diagram message properties:

  • The class operation combo box and custom operation input field has been enlarged to be able to see complete method names
  • The switch between class method and custom method selection has been automated to reduce required user interaction
  • It is now possible to directly add new operations, which reduces the required user interaction too

2014/04/21: New feature: find text in tree view, current diagram or all diagrams

Ralf Habacker committed today this new feature. Many thanks for this contribution.

2013/12/17: New feature: diagram duplication

Joris Steyn added today a new diagram duplication feature.

This feature has been made possible after Joris fixed several bugs in the copy & paste code and the undo implementation.

Many thanks for this contribution.

2013/12/12: Umbrello api documentation for Qt Creator

Umbrello developers now can use umbrello api documentation inside Qt Creator.

Download umbrello-4.12.qch and install it in Qt Creator.

2013/09/12: New auto numbering feature for sequence diagrams

Ralf Habacker committed today a new feature for sequence diagrams.

Sequence diagram messages could have sequence numbers to indicate the ordering. The dialog for message adding has now a new 'autoincrement' checkbox, with which an automatically increment of the sequence number could be enabled.

2013/09/11: "Employ the use of Splines" - Implementation mostly finished

The implementation of Bug 107174 is now mostly finished; the remaining bugs will be fixed in the next time.

2013/08/28: "Employ the use of Splines" - Step 2 of Implementation finished

The implementation of Bug 107174, has been started several weeks ago. Now thanks to the efforts of Andi Fischer and bug fixing by Ralf Habacker step 1 and 2 of the implementation plan has been finished and is merged to git master.

2013/08/25: Visual feedback if widget has documentation

Ralf Habacker adds a graphical indicator to graphical widgets, which has documentation. This feature, which is useful to get a quick overview what is documentated and what not, is enabled by an entry in the diagram context menu and if enabled, displays a triangle in the lower left corner of the related widget.

2013/07/12: Implementation of "Employ the use of Splines" started

The implementation of Bug 107174, has been started by Andi Fischer.

2013/07/30: Website update

The umbrello website has been migrated to the KDE infrastructure and the capacity website framework.

2012/12/31: Huge bug fixing

This year about 150 umbrello bugs has been fixed. This let umbrello be run much more stable.

2012/11/05: Resize context menu feature

Today a new resize context menu feature has been added by Ralf Habacker.

2012/05/12: Diagram dot export

Today umbrello got support for exporting diagrams as dot files by Ralf Habacker. This has been made possible by the auto layout feature which has been implemented a week ago.

2012/05/07: Diagram auto layouts

Umbrello got a new diagram auto layout feature from Ralf Habacker. It uses graph generators from the graphviz package which is included in many linux distributions and is also be available on windows.

The auto layout feature is available through entries of a diagram context menu. For each diagram type there are multiple layout types available, which are customizable using configuration files. For an example see Vertical layout for class diagrams.

2012/04/21: New code import wizard

Andi Fischer committed a new code import wizard, which makes it able to select whole directory structures and/or single files.

2012/09/02: Umbrello port to QGraphicsView finally completed

Several years have gone by while Andi Fischer and Ralf Habacker have been merging the Umbrello GSOC-2008 branch back into trunk.
Ralf today committed the QGraphicsScene and QGraphicsView changeover of UMLView and UMLScene. This completes the bulk of the merge. Cheers to Andi and Ralf for their untiring efforts!

2011/12/31: Many bugs fixed

This year about 35 umbrello bugs has been fixed.

2011/08/09: Second Google Summer of Code project porting Umbrello to QGraphicsView

Camila Ayres is working on porting Umbrello to QGraphicsView, keep up to date on her blog.

2008/08/17: Google Summer of Code project brings improvements to Umbrello

Gopala Krishna is implementing some exciting improvements as part of his Google Summer of Code project.
His work is currently happening in a branch but will soon be merged to the trunk. Stay tuned.

2008/02/08: The Register Reviews Umbrello

The Register has reviewed some UML tools and describes Umbrello as "a nice, clean and simple UML editor".

2008/01/25: Umbrello Spotted on Windows and Mac

At the KDE 4.0 Release Event Umbrello was spotted running on both Windows and Mac OS X. These ports of KDE apps are not yet stable but you can follow progress on and KDE on Mac wiki page.
See the screenshots.

2008/01/12: Umbrello 2.0 Release Starts Something Amazing

Umbrello 2.0 has been released as part of the kdesdk module in KDE 4. Thanks to our contributors Oliver, Sharan, Andi and others for their work on this milestone. Install it from your distro as part of kdesdk.

2007/11/03: Umbrello 1.5.8 Released

Umbrello 1.5.8 has been released.

2007/06/15: Perl import script updated

Hans Poo contributed his perl2xmi script, a standalone Perl program to import Perl into Umbrello's XMI file format. See Developer's page

2007/06/07: Umbrello 1.5.71 Released

Umbrello 1.5.71 has been released.

2007/05/20: Introduction to UML with Umbrello

IT Managers Journal has an introduction to UML which uses Umbrello as the example application.

2007/05/15: Umbrello 1.5.7 Released

Umbrello 1.5.7 has been released.

2007/04/23: ISI Students Merge, Google Summer of Code Begins

The students from Toulouse's ISI university have merged their work into trunk, including improved undo support.

We now have a student from Google's Summer of Code programme who will work on improving Entity Relationship diagram support.

2007/04/14: Umbrello 1.5.7-beta1 Released

2007/02/09: Umbrello 1.5.61 Released

2007/01/19: Umbrello 1.5.6 Released

2006/12/23: MySQL to Umbrello script

Our developers page has added a script to convert mysqldump table data to an Umbrello XMI file, from Benjamín Díaz.

2006/11/24: Umbrello Welcomes the Students of Ingénierie des Systèmes Informatiques

A university programme to get students working on real code in Free Software programmes has chosen Umbrello as one of its development projects for one of its teams. The students have set up an Umbrello wiki in French with their plans form working on Umbrello in KDE 4.

2006/11/19: Umbrello 1.5.52 Released

Umbrello 1.5.52 has been released.

2006/10/25: Umbrello 1.5.51 Released

Umbrello 1.5.51 has been released.

2006/09/09: First Screenshot of Umbrello on KDE 4

Umbrello is looking healthy on KDE 4. Join us on umbrello-devel if you want to help out.

2006/08/04: Umbrello 1.5.4 Released

Umbrello 1.5.4 has been released along with KDE 3.5.4.

2006/07/28: First sign of life in KDE4

Thanks to a few ardent volunteers, Umbrello makes its debut on Qt4 / KDE4 - but there is still a lot to do.

2006/07/20: Autogenerating a Castle Web application from Umbrello

ARgenerator can be used to generate ActiveRecord Models from Umbrello diagrams.

2006/06/19: Perl import contributed is a standalone Perl program to import Perl into Umbrello's XMI file format. See Developer's page.

2005/05/16: Umbrello Brilliant Button

Use Umbrello? Add the Umbrello brilliant button to your blog or website to spread the meme.
<img src="" width="80" height="15"/>

2006/06/07: Umbrello 1.5.3 Released

Umbrello 1.5.3 has been released along with KDE 3.5.3.

2006/04/02: Umbrello 1.5.2 Released

Umbrello 1.5.2 has been released along with KDE 3.5.2.

2006/02/10: Umbrello 1.5.1 Released

Umbrello 1.5.1 has been released along with KDE 3.5.1.

2005/12/09: Umbrello 1.5 Released

Umbrello 1.5 has been released along with KDE 3.5.

2005/10/16: Umbrello 1.4.3 Released

Umbrello 1.4.3 has been released along with KDE 3.4.3. Packages are available as part of Kubuntu Breezy and other distributions.

2005/08/04: Umbrello 1.4.2 Released

Umbrello 1.4.2 has been released along with KDE 3.4.2.

2005/06/08: Umbrello 1.4.1 Released

Umbrello 1.4.1 has been released along with KDE 3.4.1..

2005/05/15: Launched has launched today as a community website for sharing templates and example files. It incluedes a category for Umbrello files. Please upload sample files and any UML diagrams you can spare so others can learn from your UML techniques.

2005/03/20: Umbrello 1.4.0 Released

Umbrello 1.4.0 has been released along with KDE 3.4.0.

2005/02/15: Import Java with Java2XMI

Robin Rawson-Tetley has written Java 2 XMI, a Java programme to import Java into Umbrello's XMI file format.

2005/02/09: Umbrello 1.4.0-beta2 Released

Umbrello 1.4.0-beta2 has been released for testing along with KDE 3.4.0-beta2.

2005/02/04: Umbrello Compiled for Windows with Cygwin

Jay Snyder has compiled Umbrello for Cygwin.

2005/01/17: Umbrello 1.4.0-beta1 Released

Umbrello 1.4.0-beta1 has been released for testing along with KDE 3.4.0-beta1.

2004/12/13: Umbrello 1.3.2 and 1.4.0-alpha1 Released

Umbrello 1.3.2 has been released along with KDE 3.3.2 and Umbrello 1.4.0-alpha1 has been released for testing along with KDE 3.4.0-alpha1.

2004/11/05: Umbrello 1.3.1 Released

Umbrello 1.3.1 has been released along with KDE 3.3.1.

2004/08/16: Umbrello 1.3 Released

Umbrello 1.3.0 has been released. This version comes with KDE 3.3.

This release of Umbrello features improved memory management for large diagrams, tools for aligning objects, compressed XMI file support, new icons and better XMI standard conformance.

2004/07/19: Umbrello 1.3 beta Released

Umbrello 1.3 beta is the version from KDE 3.2 beta 2.

2004/03/15: Umbrello 1.2.1 Released

Umbrello UML Modeller 1.2.1 has been released with KDE 3.2.1. This fixes several important issues with 1.2. A source package for KDE 3.1 is available.

2004/02/03: Umbrello 1.2 Released

Umbrello 1.2 is the result of a hard year's work by a dedicated team of developers. New features include improved code generation in more languages, undo/redo, a resizeable and zoomable canvas and more diagram types. It is part of KDE 3.2.

2003/12/28: Screenshots Wanted

Our Screen Shots page shows the now quite old Umbrello 1.1. With Umbrello 1.2 due to be released in January we're now looking for screen shots of the new version. If you are using a 1.2-beta please take a capture of Umbrello doing something interesting, put it on a webserver and e-mail to URL to umbrello @

2003/12/08: Umbrello Quickies

Brazillian users can watch out for Umbrello in the KDE-special end of year edition of Revistado Linux Magazine and again with a full article in the January edition.

Umbrello is also briefly featured in Chris Howell's desktop column in this months Linux Format magazine published in the UK and other places.

Last month Umbrello developer Jonathan Riddell received runner up in Scotland IS's Young Software Engineer of the Year Awards 2003 for his dissertation on Umbrello at the University of Stirling. Photo, Jonathan second from right.

Umbrello 1.2 beta has been released with KDE 3.2 beta (KDE 3.2 beta-2/3.1.94 has just been released but not yet announced). All feedback welcome.

2003/10/28: Umbrello Snapshot in Debian

A recent shapshot of Umbrello from 2003-08-28 is now in Debian unstable (sid). This date was chosen for the stability of Umbrello at that time. apt-get install umbrello is now possible. We hope this will be in the next stable version of Debian (KDE 3.2 is unlikely to be).

2003/10/14: New - Users Page

It is the aim of Umbrello to encourage developers of Free (and proprietry) Software to use UML for designing and documenting their programmes. Our new users page lists some of the users of Umbrello. If you use or know of users who would like their projects or organisations here please contact the uml-devel mailing list.

2003/10/14: Umbrello Competes with Commercial Alternatives

Poseidon and at least one other company have bought Umbrello as AdWords on Google. We would like to thank these companies for acknowledging that our Free Software competes with their proprietary and commercial offerings.

2003/10/14: Umbrello 1.2 soon to be in beta

Umbrello is now in bugfixing mode along with the rest of KDE 3.2. It should be stable enough to be usable for real work, but obviously be cautious. Umbrello again compiles with KDE 3.1 thanks to Oliver.

2003/09/01: New Code Generation in Umbrello 1.2

A new code generation structure has been imported into Umbrello 1.2 (the KDE CVS version). This should be a big improvement over the old code generation. Currently it is very unstable. If you want to use Umbrello 1.2-alpha for real work you should cvs co -D 2003-08-28 kdesdk rather than using the latest CVS version. Testers of the new code should rm ~/.kde/share/config/umbrellorc before running Umbrello.

As of 2003-09-24 Umbrello no longer compiles with KDE/Qt 3.1.

2003/09/01: KDE Contributors Conference at Nove Hrady

Last week various Umbrello contributors were able to meet in person for the first time at Hove Hrady. Much useful conversation and hacking happened.

2003/08/06: Talk on Umbrello

Jonathan Riddell gave a talk on Umbrello at UKUUG Linux 2003 Conference in Edinburgh. Read the slides, see the photo.

2003/08/06: Work stopped on Umbrello 2

Andrew Sutton has stopped work on Umbrello 2. He will work on other areas of Umbrello. Work continues on Umbrello 1.2 as part of KDE.

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