Umbrello Features

Notes on importing Rose files

A Rose model may consist of just a single file with ending .mdl. Import of such a file is straight forward, Umbrello will detect the file type by the extension .mdl and automatically switch to Rose import mode.

A Rose model may also consist of the main model (.mdl) file plus submodel files with ending .cat or .sub.
It is not possible to import a single .cat or .sub file; on importing, always specify the main model file (.mdl).
References to submodels are resolved by the importer as follows.
Rose uses path variables for referencing submodels.
Here is an example of a reference to a submodel:

            (object Class_Category "org"
                is_unit         TRUE
                is_loaded       FALSE
                file_name       "$FRAMEWORK_PATH\\Shared Components\\"
                quid            "3794F4C802EE")
Umbrello maps the Rose path variables to environment variables.
In the example, Umbrello requires that an environment variable FRAMEWORK_PATH is defined and it points to the directory in which the subdirectory "Shared Components" is located.
The path shall be specified as an absolute path.
For example, if your main model is in the directory /home/user/rose then the directory
Shared Components could be at the absolute path
/home/user/rose/Shared Components.
The environment variable shall then be defined as follows:
export FRAMEWORK_PATH=/home/user/rose

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